ESSENDON list manager Adrian Dodoro has hit back at claims his club is difficult to work with in the trade period.

The Bombers have been labelled as a side that discourages other teams to trade with them by being purposefully difficult.

Dodoro simply believes it’s become more of a reoccurring joke than any notion of the truth.

“I actually find that really humorous to be honest, it’s been an ongoing gag amongst the media for the last 20 years,” Dodoro said.

“I don’t think that’s the case, we get on well with everyone and are happy to do deals.”

Essendon has certainly been one of the harder lists to manage over the last few years thanks to suspensions and losses of draft picks and Dodoro says that has shaped the club’s recent approach to the trade period.

“It’s been a difficult time at Essendon and we’ve had to fight for everything,” Dodoro said.

“It’s been a period where the club comes first and we’ve had to retain our players and we make no apologies for that.

“We’ve worked really hard to get ourselves back into a position where we’re relevant in this industry.”

Over the last three years, Essendon has been involved in eight trades, gaining the likes of Adam Cooney, Craig Bird and James Stewart while losing Paddy Ryder, Jake Carlisle, Jake Melksham and Michael Hibberd.

“We’ve been pretty active traders over the past few years and actually donated a lot of players to other clubs,” Dodoro said.

The Bombers have been linked to Bulldogs castaway Jake Stringer as well as Brisbane midfielder Tom Rockliff in this upcoming trade period.

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