PLAYER manager Paul Connors says Gold Coast captain Tom Lynch is “totally committed” to the club amid speculation the key forward could be returning to Melbourne.

Lynch is contracted for 2018 and Connors doesn’t see any need to rush extending that current deal.

“I don’t think he’ll extend in the very near future, but it’s good that you ask because they haven’t got a coach, so I think they have a lot of challenges ahead,” Connors said at the NAB AFL Trade Radio launch.

He added the Suns shouldn’t be concerned about Lynch, with the 24-year-old eager to take his team to September action.

“He’s totally committed to the club,” Connors said.

“He’s been there for seven years, this is his eighth year, he loves the club, he could think of nothing better than playing finals with these boys and I think we’ll let it play out a little bit without letting it become a circus.”

Connors also believes Lynch will be fine with whatever decision Gary Ablett makes regarding his own future.

Ablett requested a trade home to Victoria last year and seems likely to do so again despite being contracted for 2018 as well.

“I think his simple thing is if Gary wants to be at the club, then Gary should stay at the club, but if Gary wants to go home, then he’s paid the Gold Coast an enormous amount of dues and he’s been a wonderful person for the Gold Coast, so if Gary wanted to go Tom would support that,” Connors said.