Damien Barrett on NAB AFL Trade Radio has revealed Adam Saad is set to join Jake Stringer and Devon Smith at Essendon in 2018.

Smith has already nominated the Bombers and Barrett said he expects Saad to do the same in the near future.

“Devon Smith confirmed the Bombers are his choice of club, I reckon we’re about 24 hours away from Jake Stringer adding his name to wanting to go to the Bombers and Adam Saad out of the Gold Coast he also will not be going back to the Suns for family/cultural reasons, I believe he also will nominate Essendon,” Barrett said.

“(Adrian Dodoro) doesn’t have a lot to work with to get those quality players in,” Barrett said.

“How he manages to keep pick 11 and then bring in the potential of Smith, Stringer and Saad I don’t know, obviously you can go down the future path and that’s an option.”

“(Stringer) is no better than pick 20 or thereabouts in this draft, now the Bulldogs will still be thinking he’s a top 10 pick, Essendon will probably be thinking he’s number 25, but obviously somewhere in the middle,” Barrett said.

“If the circumstances were different then clearly he’s a high end first round selection,” Wallace added.

“Where he sits with the circumstances, he’s a, at best, back end first round pick to about the mid-20s.”

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