Caroline Wilson has delivered her top off-field performers in the AFL for 2017.

Speaking on Sportsday on Tuesday night, Caro tipped her hat to the media superstars and administration gurus who starred during the year of footy action.

Caro’s List: The best off-field performers of 2017
Coaches and players were not eligible for the below list:

1. Peggy O’Neal
Richmond FC President

“This time last year, Peggy had come through three challenges. She was under the pump, coach was under the pump. She was the frontwoman of what that football club has achieved.”

2. Richard Goyder
Chairman of the AFL Commission

“Kept the bounce, stood firm on AFL cultural issues, he’s been a big push for traditional values staying. He’s been part of the footy shake up.”

3. Xavier Campbell
Essendon FC CEO

“Record profit, back in finals, stability is everything, huge attendances. He’s been unbelievable.”

4. Andrew Fagan
Adelaide FC CEO

“Installed their Women’s team, which won the Premiership. Men’s team made the Grand Final.”

5. Brian Cook
Geelong Cats CEO

“He is the pre-eminent administrator in the game.”

6. Josh Vanderloo
AFL Head of Female Football & Junior Development

“I don’t think anyone could have worked harder or better in getting the AFL Women’s off the ground.”

7. Daniel Richardson & Neil Balme
Richmond FC General Manager Football Talent & General Manager Football

“They were both fantastic performers this year.”

8. Wayne Campbell
GWS Giants Football Operations Manager

“They’ve made the top 4 twice in a row. Culturally has been a great get for that footy club.”

9. Keith Thomas & Andrew Ireland
Port Adelaide FC CEO & Sydney Swans CEO

(Thomas) – “For holding it all together despite the Kochy baiting of coach Ken Hinkley.”
(Ireland) – “The change to the board, the succession planning. Made it back into the finals after six losses.”

10. Paul Marsh
AFL Players’ Association CEO

“He did get the players deal done. Deserves a big tick.”

11. Paul Connors
Player agent

“Still the pre-eminent player manager in the game.”

12. Bruce McAvaney

Sports commentator/broadcaster

“Far and away the best media performer.”

Listen to Caro below: