New Carlton CEO Cain Liddle says youth is the way forward for the Blues.

Brendon Bolton’s playing group is one of the youngest in the AFL, housing 17 players under the age of 22, with 26 players having experienced 50 games or less.

Having blooded a number of youngsters in 2017, including five Rising Star nominees, Liddle insists the Blues are set to again place a high amount of faith in their inexperienced lot as they continue to invest in what promises to be an exciting future.

“I’d be hesitant to go and put any predictions on what may or may not happen,” he said on Sportsday.

“What everyone expects to see is a continued investment in our young players. We’ve got a heap of players in that 0-50 games and 18-21 years old.

“What we want to do is keep investing in them and keep getting games into them and keep watching them improve and develop.

“What happens this year is we may just continue to develop and invest in the kids.

“Last year we lost eight games by less than two goals. When you’ve got young lists you do have those ups and downs so all we want to see is continued improvement, continued development and continued investment in those young players.”

Away from the list management of the club, Liddle was quizzed on the opportunity for the Blues to perhaps return to Ikon Park (Princes Park) for a home game or two.

“Ikon Park is absolutely the spiritual home of Carlton and we will play as many of our AFLW games here as we can,” he added.

“We’ve got a capacity of around 22,000, (but) our average crowds in the men’s at the moment are around 40,000.

“We’d be hoping that’s closer to 50,000 so bringing games back here would actually see a lot of our supporters not being able to get in to watch games.

“Soon that front, I don’t think we’d be pushing to bring games back.”

Listen to Liddle on Sportsday below: