Jake Kelly admits seeing his father’s premiership medal has added to the pain of losing last year’s Grand Final.

The 22-year-old defender was part of the Adelaide side that lost to Richmond in the 2017 decider and admits it hurts not to have joined his dad and former Collingwood defender Craig as a premiership player.

“It’s more particular moments that get me still,” he said on Sportsday SA.

“I was back in Melbourne and I saw my old man’s (1990) premiership medal when I walked down the stairs to the car each time.

“Every time I looked at that it dawned on me that I wasn’t a premiership player.

“We had a great opportunity to all become one but we didn’t.

“Just little things like Richmond being on TV, Facebook or social media. That’s what gets me.”

Kelly also gave some insight into how the Crows assessed their Grand Final defeat at the hands of Tigers and how they plan to recover from that disappointment in 2018 and beyond.

“We reviewed the game after we got back from our break. We chose not to review it initially,” he added.

“We had a really strong feedback session where we put everything on the table and put some really good goals in place.

“The coaches were present but it was more player-driven.

“We had multiple reviews where we looked at different aspects of the game. Some were more driven by coaches, some were player-driven.

“We want to become a player-driven club where the players take responsibility for their own careers.”

Listen to Kelly on Sportsday SA below: