Sydney big man Sam Reid has made a career of playing exciting footy both in the forward line and down back. He spoke to Sportsday about where he'll be played in 2018 and new opportunities due to the shifting nature of footy.

"I found myself [in the ruck] at times before. I think we're lucky that we've got guys who can do that, not just me. Even guys like Dean Towers and he's only 6 foot, 6 foot 1, he's not overly tall. If you've get those athletic guys - and powerful like Dean is - a number of guys can play that position."

"It obviously worked for the Tigers last year, with one ruckman. No doubt it'll change in the future."

Reid was frequently thrown into the backline to stem the flow of opposition goals, and there's every indication that tactic will be used again in 2018.

"I think it's a good move to be able to halt a bit of momentum... if a team does start to get on top, especially in today's footy you want to stop that momentum as quickly as possible. Two goals can quickly turn into three goals, four goals, five goals, before you go 'jeez what just happened?' I guess that probably happened to us in the final last year."

Fellow Sydney tall Kurt Tippett recently announced his retirement due to injury.

"It's obviously a difficult decision for him. He's had a very good career with two clubs... when he was up and running he was unstoppable. He will be missed, but we'll continue to support him."

Aliir Aliir missed 90% of the 2017 pre-season and had a bumpy year. But according to Reid, Aliir is raring to go for season 2018.

"He's a freakish athlete and he's been charging around this pre-season which is bloody good to see... he's explosive, he's exciting, he's a tremendous athlete. Whether he plays back, ruck, forward, I think he'll be damaging wherever he goes."

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