Prized Brisbane recruit Luke Hodge has high hopes for the Lions.

The four-time Hawthorn premiership player has seen plenty of positivity since sensationally joining the club in October.

The Lions have a promising batch of youngsters including Eric Hipwood, Alex Witherden, Hugh McCluggage, Harris Andrews and number one draft pick Cam Rayner and veteran Hodge believes anything is possible for Chris Fagan’s side in 2018 and beyond.

“They’re definitely a young up and coming team,” he said on Sportsday.

“The best apart about it is the two guys – Hipwood re-signed last year and Cam Rayner was here a month and re-signed for an extra two years. “I think the vibe around here is a lot different to what it was 4 or 5 years ago, from what I’ve been told.

“The players are upbeat about (it). I think it comes from the stability of Swanny (CEO Greg Swann), David Noble (football manager) and Fagan as coach.

“The stability they’ve had off field has filtered through to on field and we’re just looking to try and improve the younger guys as much as we can.

“The sky is the limit when you’ve got such a talented young group that are all pushing the same way and trying to get better together.

"Hopefully the improvement comes quick.”

Listen to Hodge on Sportsday below: