Collingwood AFLW coach should be nervous, says Kate Sheahan

SEN - Mon, 19th Feb 2018 - 0 Comments

Former Collingwood player Kate Sheahan says she doesn’t know how Magpies AFLW coach Wayne Siekman has kept his job.

On the back of a 0-3 start to the season for a second year, Sheahan has slammed Siekman telling SEN’s Whateley he’d be a ‘very nervous man.’

“There was a huge amount of optimism through pre-season for these girls and rightly so. I went and watched them train and even I said, “Wow this looks better, a lot better,'” the Fox Footy commentator said.

“You’ve got Daniel Harford there, all of their line coaches were new this year, the only consistent was Wayne Siekman.

“They’re three rounds in, they’re three losses and the hurt and pain the players felt after last week’s loss was equal to that of what it was to Round 3 last year, so I’m terrified to think of how these players are feeling.

“I think Collingwood clearly have a lot on their plate at the moment with their AFL program and AFLW program but if I was Wayne Siekman I would be a very nervous man right now.

“I don’t know how someone like that keeps their job when he’s working for the most powerful club in the land.”

Sheahan says there were plenty of perplexing signs stemming from the Magpies 13-point loss to GWS at Olympic Park yesterday.

“Chloe Molloy has been the star of the show round’s one and two playing in the backline, yesterday she started up forward. Jess Duffin, who’s their best forward, started down back. To me, I don’t know why you’d change the two of them, they were comfortable where they were,” she said.

“Jess is going to kick goals she’s a contested marking player, she’s a beautiful user of the ball, no one else in that forward line is going to be able to deliver. Jasmine Garner, who they put up on a pedestal to say she’s going to be our new forward, hasn’t touched it this year.

“Mo Hope has been criticised ferociously for her lack of input yet yesterday she kicked two goals, had eight disposals, four marks.

“What about the heat on the other girls? Why are we not hearing about the other girls stepping up and not delivering?”

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