TOP 10: Remembering ‘Club 10’ greats Ablett, Carey, Dunstall, Lockett and co.

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Former Essendon captain Tim Watson and leading player manager Liam Pickering have reassessed the famous Club 10, listing the coveted group based on their playing career and marketability.

During the mid-1990’s, player agent Ricky Nixon put together a 10-player contingent comprised of the game’s biggest names.

Gary Ablett, Gavin Brown, Wayne Carey, Jason Dunstall, Glen Jakovich, Tony Lockett, Stewart Loewe, Garry Lyon, Gavin Wanganeen and Greg Williams were the original Club 10, and Watson and Pickering have named the players who they believe were the best, combining their playing and marketing attributes.
Do you agree with their views?

Tim Watson’s List
1 – Gary Ablett
2 – Wayne Carey
3 – Jason Dunstall
4 – Tony Lockett
5 – Greg Williams
6 – Gavin Wanganeen
7 – Glen Jakovich
Equal-8th – Garry Lyon, Gavin Brown, Stewart Loewe

Liam Pickering’s List
1 – Gary Ablett
2 – Wayne Carey
3 – Tony Lockett
4 – Jason Dunstall
5 – Greg Williams
6 – Garry Lyon
7 – Glen Jakovich
8 – Gavin Wanganeen
9 – Gavin Brown
10 – Stewart Loewe

Listen to Tim and Liam explain their selections in the player below!


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