‘Business as usual’ at Richmond says Riewoldt

AFL Nation - Wed, 7th Mar 2018 - 0 Comments

Jack Riewoldt says not too much has changed at the Richmond Football Club since last year.

The Tigers broke a 37-year premiership drought by beating Adelaide to clinch the 2017 flag to much delirium among the Tiger faithful.

Similarly, the Western Bulldogs snapped a long-standing lack of success in 2016, but dropped off the pace by missing the final eight the following season which is something the Tigers are keen to avoid.

But star forward Riewoldt admits it has not been too much of a focus for he and his teammates over the course of pre-season.

“I don’t think there was anything said,” he said on Sportsday.

“A lot of people will draw relation to the fact that the Bulldogs had a little bit of a hangover post their Grand Final win and missed the finals but for us it’s just been focusing on business as usual.

“We play a high, manic defensive brand of footy that takes a lot of energy out of us and requires to us be at our peak fitness.

“We’ve returned well and we’re really exciting about hopefully performing the same way and bringing that brand of footy again.”

He added: “You can’t predict anything in the future. The season has so many turns and twists that can happen with injury, form and other things.”

From an individual viewpoint, Riewoldt insists that achieving the ultimate in football remains his priority.

“Getting to the top is as sweet a feeling as you can feel as a footballer,” he added.

“It’s certainly driven me over the hot months of pre-season to hopefully one day return there.

Listen to the chat with Riewoldt below: