Fox Sports football host and West Coast Eagles tragic Daniel Garb has put together his list of the top ten most influential figures in the history of the team from the West.

10 – Darren Glass

"Four time All-Australian, three-time best and fairest. He gets in because of his role as a transitional leader after the off-field saga of 2006"

9 – Brian Cook
"CEO of the football club between 1990 and 1999. Dual Premiership era."

8 – Chris Mainwaring
"Everyone loved Mainy. He became the conduit between the fans and the club. When he tragically passed away it cast a huge shadow over the football club."

7 – Chris Judd
"Pound for pound, the best footballer to ever play for the club."

6 – Glen Jakovich
"His presence in those 90's teams was enormous. He was the one that struck fear in the opposition. Enormous influence on-field for the club."

5 – Peter Matera
"If Jakovich was the presence, Matera was the silk. Always had a huge influence - a remarkably gifted footballer."

4 - Trevor Nisbett
"Started off as football manager, and then became CEO from 1999 when Cook left. One of the best administrators in the game. The one black mark is perhaps the way they handled the Cousins situation."

3 - Mick Malthouse
"Established the culture of on-field success - turned the club into a beast almost immediately."

2 – Ben Cousins
"Growing up in Perth when Ben Cousins was at his peak - he was a rock star. He was number one in that state by daylight, then of course the off-field stuff we know so much about. It still plagues the club to this day."

1 – John Worsfold
"Premiership captain. Premiership coach. Pure and simple. A wonderful leader."

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