Cornes and Whateley question Carlton’s Friday night scheduling

SEN - Sat, 7th Apr 2018 - 0 Comments

AFL Nation experts Kane Cornes and Gerard Whateley have questioned the AFL’s decision to give Carlton four Friday night games in 2018.

The Blues had the first of their primetime games last night against Collingwood and were comfortably defeated by four goals.

Cornes broke down the numbers against giving Carlton Friday night slots.

“Their last 10 games Carlton, they’ve lost by an average of 62 points – their last win on a Friday or a Thursday was right back in round 18, 2014,” Cornes told SEN’s Crunch Time.

“They’ve got another one in round six against the Dogs, that could feature two winless sides.

“The AFL, how could they make that mistake?

“They had seven (Friday or Thursday night games) in 2015 and lost all of them so you would’ve thought only a couple of years later the AFL would’ve learned.”

Whateley added the fault doesn’t lie with Carlton as they weren’t expected to be a must-watch team this season.

“The Thursday night to start (the season) that’s their slot so that’s okay, but to have a sequence of four Friday nights, the first one against Collingwood, round six against the Bulldogs, round 11 against Sydney and round 17 against St Kilda – they’re just not box office and through no fault of their own, they weren’t expected to be box office this year,” Whateley said.

The reigning premiers Richmond take on the red-hot Hawthorn tomorrow afternoon and Cornes wonders why that wasn’t put on Friday night.

“I was just sitting at home thinking why are these two teams playing when we have Hawthorn and Richmond as the early game on Sunday,” Cornes said.

Whateley pointed out the issue with Hawthorn getting the game, but agrees an alternative should’ve been found.

“It couldn’t be Hawthorn because of Easter Monday and the turnaround there so there are reasons, but it’s not like that’s the only game that could’ve been on and this is absolutely foreseeable,” he said.

Carlton will face North Melbourne in Tasmania next weekend on Saturday night.