Is Rory Laird the best defender in the competition?

SEN - Sun, 8th Apr 2018 - 0 Comments

AFL Nation experts Danny Frawley and Adam Cooney have praised Adelaide defender Rory Laird.

Laird is averaging 38 disposals across the first three rounds and Frawley is loving the work of the 2017 All-Australian.

“Rory Laird is now reinventing the back pocket spot,” Frawley told the *AFL Nation pre-game show.*

Just put him down for 35 to 40 (disposals).

“And you talk about ball-use, what a great player he is.”

Cooney agreed, adding Laird isn’t just a rebounding defender and has more strings to his bow.

“And the thing is, he can play on a man. He’s solid one-on-one and beats his opponent,” Cooney said.

“As soon as his opponent floats too far up the ground, he’s the first one to drop off and get back and that’s why he gets so much of the ball because he reads it better than anyone.”

Cooney was also impressed with another Crows defender in Luke Brown.

“Brown seems to have taken up the slack of Lever, he’s now stepped up and that’s why you’ve got to be patient with kids, he’s a ripper,” the former Bulldogs player said.

“I thought he was the second best player on the ground last night he’s unheralded, he never gets beaten one-on-one, Tom Doedee as well showed some terrific courage.”

Despite the win, Cooney still thinks there’s room for improvement for Adelaide.

“They weren’t that impressive in the first half, so certainly some elements of the game to work on,” Cooney said.

The Crows will host Collingwood next Friday night at Adelaide Oval.