Too premature to judge Power youngster Powell-Pepper

SEN - Tue, 10th Apr 2018 - 0 Comments

Port Adelaide’s football manager Chris Davies says it is far too premature to judge Sam Powell-Pepper.

The 20-year-old midfielder is at the centre of an AFL investigation after it was alleged he assaulted a woman at an Adelaide nightclub on Sunday morning.

Powell-Pepper has admitted to breaching team rules by neglecting a 2am curfew and consuming alcohol beyond what is acceptable to Power players and officials.

Asked about the current state of the investigation, Davies says there is still plenty of water to go under the bridge.

“Obviously the club is going through as process in conjunction with the AFL to try and get to a point where we can ascertain exactly what happened,” he said on SEN Afternoons with Rohan Connolly.

“There’s some obvious things with Sam and him being out at a time we’d prefer him not to be and an assessment that he was intoxicated to a level that we aren’t comfortable with.

“Outside of that, the AFL are going through their due process right now and I think it’s appropriate that we let them do that and we can make a statement once that investigation is done.”

Quizzed on how the club would punish Powell-Pepper if the allegations were found to be true, Davies indicated that the player should not yet be judged for something that hasn’t been proven.

“I imagine that right now it’s reasonable to say that our club takes the allegation absolutely seriously,” he added.

“We aren’t a club that stands for that type of behaviour and if it’s proven then obviously we would, in conjunction with the AFL, come up with the appropriate sanction.

“I would also make the point that Sam’s highlighted the time he was out and what has actually occurred from an intoxication perspective but there’s an investigation going into the rest and it would be premature for anyone to make some of the judgments that are being made so far.”

The Power currently sit on top of the AFL ladder with three wins from the opening three rounds ahead of Sunday’s clash with Essendon at Etihad Stadium.