Bombers should target Ollie Wines, says Harvey

AFL Nation - Sun, 15th Apr 2018 - 0 Comments

Former North Melbourne champion Brent Harvey has gone through Essendon’s list and determined they need more grunt on the inside.

Essendon has a number of smaller midfielders, but may lack size on the inside and Harvey has an answer for them.

“What they need is a big inside midfielder,” Harvey told Future Stars.

“I’d be throwing the kitchen sink at Ollie Wines.

“I just hope they’ve got the salary cap room to go and get an inside midfielder and a little bit of polish.”

The AFL games record holder suggested a player the Bombers could use as trade bait.

“If you want to go and get a big-bodied midfielder, you have to give something up and I think Tom Bellchambers, I would put him up (for trade),” Harvey said.

“You have Sam Draper and Matthew Leuenberger, you could go to the draft if you really need another ruckman.

“When you trade you’ve got to have currency and I think Bellchambers has still got that because teams will want a good ruckman.”

Another player Harvey would move on is Aaron Francis, who is yet to play a game this season.

“I’m a big believer of if a player doesn’t want to be at your football club, then let him go,” Harvey said.

Draft expert Callum Twomey is worried about Francis and Essendon’s drafting in general during that time period.

“That 2014-2015 draft period has been an issue for the Bombers,” Twomey said.

“They had six picks in the top 30 of those two drafts and got only one at the moment you could confidently say is going to be a long-term AFL player and that’s Darcy Parish.

“Kyle Langford and Jayden Laverde, there’s queries there, Aaron Francis I’m not sure they have huge hopes for him now, Alex Morgan’s gone to North Melbourne and Mason Redman, there’s question marks there as well.

“That’s not a good haul and those are the players you’d hope to be coming through right now.”

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