Is it time for Hodge to call it a career?

SEN - Mon, 16th Apr 2018 - 0 Comments

Former Richmond coach Danny Frawley believes it may be time for Brisbane defender Luke Hodge to stand aside.

Hodge retired as a Hawk last year, but was signed by the Lions on a two-year deal.

“I think Hodge has to sit in the grandstand now,” Frawley told SEN Breakfast.

“I think he’s got to put his hand up and play very rarely.”

Frawley is worried teams will continue to attack the veteran’s direct opponent.

“I think Hodge is going okay, but I know for a fact sides now play through his man, that’s exactly what’s happening,” Frawley said.

“Watch the Richmond players with the ball around the centre just hold it up a little bit, they see Hodge directing traffic and they hit up his direct opponent.

“He’s showing all the aggression and he’s doing all the leadership stuff, but his actual DNA of what he’s out in the field for is to defend his direct opponent first and that’s unfortunately not happening.

“He’s got a bit of the ball and his stats look okay, but you’ve got to get behind the goal vision.”

Former North Melbourne midfielder Nick Dal Santo added if Hodge can’t do it anymore, he still has a vital role at the Lions.

“I have no issue if they say to Hodge we want you to play two out of four games or whatever the number is, but we need you Monday to Friday,” Dal Santo said.

“If he can’t physically do it anymore, he needs to instruct and demonstrate what he’s thinking but physically can’t do.”

Brisbane will host Gold Coast at the Gabba in the Q-Clash on Sunday afternoon.