Mason Wood could be North Melbourne’s “wildcard”

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Former North Melbourne players Nick Dal Santo and David King have lauded the game-winning performance of Mason Wood on the weekend.

Wood booted four goals, along with the final major to secure a famous win for the Kangaroos over Sydney at the SCG on Saturday night, in his return to the senior team, and Dal Santo says the 24-year-old’s innate talent allows him to have those performances.

“He (Wood) has a lot of natural talent,” he told SEN Afternoons.

“He is extremely confident in a good way, he knows that he can play at this level. It has just been a body issue.

“He has the versatility to play half forward, full forward, wing and half back. He can literally play all those roles.

“Running is not an issue at all. He has elite endurance, power, repeat efforts and all those sort of things.

“He just needs to get the body right and the continuity. His only risk, and this is not a negative, is consistency at AFL level because he hasn’t done it enough.”

 King believes Wood is the type of player that could unlock a new dimension of Brad Scott’s game plan.

“Mason Wood has been on the list for six years and has played 27 games…sometimes these guys are the wildcard picks, they’re the ones that make such a difference to how you play,” he told SEN’s Whateley.

“That last goal had to be seen to be believed. That doesn’t happen to Sydney.

“Sydney had an extra player back, the old loose man they like to hold, and he still found a way, Mason Wood.

“He is a killer and I think the Kangaroos are going to have some fun with him.”

Wood and the Roos will look to continue their winning ways this Sunday against reigning premier Richmond.

Listen to Nick Dal Santo’s chat with Andy Maher on SEN Afternoons in the player below


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