The offensive sledge to Carlton’s Jed Lamb

SEN - Tue, 15th May 2018 - 0 Comments

Essendon’s Mark Baguley directed an offensive sledge towards Carlton’s Jed Lamb during the three quarter time interval at the MCG on Saturday according to the Herald Sun’s chief football writer Mark Robinson.

The sledge centred around Lamb’s father, who was murdered in an axe attack by a family friend when the Blues midfielder was six years old.

In the aftermath of the incident, Lamb explained to Carlton officials that Baguley had brought up his father in a verbal attack that incited a scuffle at the completion of the third quarter.

The Herald Sun believe Baguley reached out to Lamb to apologise and notified Essendon officials he wasn’t aware of the circumstances around the death of Lamb’s father.

Carlton coach Brendon Bolton was seen directing verbals towards Baguley as he went to address the Blues at the three quarter time break.

SEN newsbreaker Sam McClure confirmed that what was said by the Essendon defender surrounded Lamb’s father.

“I’ve had confirmation from the Carlton Football Club that whatever was said by Mark Baguley to Jed Lamb during Saturday’s contest did involve his father,” McClure told SEN Afternoons.

“Mark Baguley is adamant he told Essendon officials he had no idea the history behind it.

“The nature of the comment is yet to come to fruition as it hasn’t been made public.

“You would think that the AFL would have to have some sort of investigation.”