Garry Lyon not impressed with AFLPA CEO response on Baguley sledge

SEN - Thu, 17th May 2018 - 0 Comments

Former Melbourne captain Garry Lyon isn’t happy with AFL Players Association CEO Paul Marsh’s response to the Jed Lamb and Mark Baguley sledging incident.

It was reported Baguley sledged Lamb about his father who was murdered when Lamb was six, but Baguley said that was “not a true reflection of the events that took place on the field”.

AFL CEO Paul Marsh said he’s spoken to both parties and the story has been overblown.

“We’ve spoken to both sides of the issue and to be honest it’s a massive beat up, no one has an issue with what happened,” Marsh said.

Lyon wasn’t impressed with the response from the CEO.

“He missed the point for mine,” Lyon told SEN Breakfast.

“I said yesterday I think the players association need to get on the front foot and drive this and say enough is enough.

“He said it’s a massive beat up and finds it incredible we’re talking about it, he’s been in footy long enough to know this is always going to be a story.

“It’s not a media beat up.”

Lyon doesn’t believe there’s any chance both players simply moved on after the game.

“These things aren’t ever going to be left on the ground, they’re going to find their way into the public forum,” he said.

“There’s trainers, there’s umpires, there’s players who talk to other players and it’s going to get out.”

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