AFLW player movement rules “a joke”: Lyon

SEN - Wed, 23rd May 2018 - 0 Comments

Melbourne champion Garry Lyon has labelled the AFLW’s player movement period a “joke,” as some clubs become frustrated with the reckless nature of recruiting.

North Melbourne has gone on a signing spree, securing the likes of Mo Hope, Kaitlyn Ashmore, Emma King, Emma Kearney and more.

The big name acquisitions has annoyed Brisbane Lions coach Craig Starcevich, who has accused the Kangaroos of not abiding by the “spirit” of AFLW, something Lyon can understand.

“This is a joke,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“Who is making these rules on the run?

“For a competition that we are told is, and we believe and have embraced, is so important to the future, and women’s football is growing at a rapid rate.

“Surely there is a more professional approach to putting in the parameters for building and developing teams?

“You can understand why Craig Starcevich is upset, because he is saying, what rules are we working with here?”

The Herald Sun’s Sam Edmund has also reported there is a “whisper” some AFLW players were attracted to the Roos, after how they “trumpeted” their first round of signings on the website and across social media channels.

Despite the Lions’ disdain, North has dismissed any suggestions they didn’t follow the rules when building their list.

“I think a little bit of it is to do with the spirit of how we build the competition, I’m not sure North have been super with it to be honest,” Starcevich told ABC Grandstand.

“There’s a little bit there about respecting each other’s space and not necessarily going in and pillaging each other’s players and doing it with some ounce of integrity.

“They’ve been into some of the players for the best part of six months.

“I’m not sure that sits that comfortably with us, even though the rules don’t allow that.”

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