Should Brownlow votes still be awarded to ineligible players?

SEN - Wed, 6th Jun 2018 - 0 Comments

SEN Afternoons host Andy Maher has questioned whether players who become ineligible to win the Brownlow Medal should still receive votes.

This comes off the back of Fremantle star Nat Fyfe’s failed appeal against his one-match suspension at the AFL tribunal last night, meaning he is now out of contention to win the prestigious award.

Maher says it takes away the potentially awkward situation of an ineligible player winning the medal on the night.

“Is there any merit in the discussion that once a player is ineligible they should no longer get votes?” Maher pondered.

“Because doesn’t it distract and detract?

“There’s a fair chance that from Round 12 on Nat Fyfe is going to pick up votes in the Brownlow – he’s going to be good enough to poll a lot of votes in the Brownlow.

“He’s probably going to be close to being in front as we sit here right now.

“If Fyfe has a stellar second half of the year and wins the Brownlow by nine, does that take something away from the night?

“Once a bloke is ineligible should he just not get votes?”

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