Dangerfield believes there is an issue with the state of the game

SEN - Fri, 8th Jun 2018 - 0 Comments

Geelong superstar Patrick Dangerfield admits there is an issue with the state of the game.

The AFL is being proactive in organising committees to help open the game up, something the AFL Players Association President has endorsed.

“There is an issue,” Dangerfield told SEN Breakfast.

“I think we’re kidding ourselves if we say there’s not and obviously that comes back to congestion.

“I think the game is really heavily coached at the moment and that’s only natural with the amount of coaches that every team has in their football department and how well the game is covered from a camera angle. There’s nowhere to hide.

“Rather than playing on instinct, players tend to go with team structure, which is fine and what we are coached to do.

“I think the AFL is doing the right thing.”

However, Dangerfield did also explain he loves playing the modern game, saying it is still “in great shape and at a high level.”

Originally published on SEN.com.au