Pressure on Betts “unthinkable”: McClure

SEN - Wed, 13th Jun 2018 - 0 Comments

SEN newsman Sam McClure says the personal and emotional pressure Adelaide put star forward Eddie Betts through on their preseason camp was “unthinkable.”

Betts kicked just three goals from his first four games of 2018, and the SEN Time On host believes that isn’t a coincidence after the Crows’ preseason program.

“They’ve got this unfathomable situation with Eddie Betts, who hasn’t been happy there for sometime because of what happened at the training camp,” McClure told SEN Breakfast.

“What happened on that camp…it’s unthinkable that they would do that to anyone.

“It’s too personal and Eddie doesn’t want it spoken about and Eddie is not the only one that had some really unfair, emotional pressure, that has nothing to do with football, put on him.

“It affected him for weeks. You wonder why he only kicked three goals in his first four games.

“He is still getting over it, his family is still getting over it.

“One day, if Eddie wants the full story to come out, then that football club should be ashamed with what they put him through.”

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