What former Cleveland Cavs director plans to impart at North Melbourne

SEN - Fri, 6th Jul 2018 - 0 Comments

New North Melbourne high performance manager Alex Moore has outlined what lessons and frameworks he wants to implement at the Kangaroos.

Moore joins the Roos after spending six years with NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers, working closely with superstars Kevin Love and LeBron James.

He says he plans to transfer the lessons he learnt in the high profile world of the NBA back to Arden Street, to help the Kangaroos reach their optimal level.

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“Looking at different set-ups, so working in different sports and seeing how they function,” Moore told SEN Mornings.

“I think there are some things I can take out from what I learnt at the ski team (US Ski and Snowboarding team) and also what I learnt at the Cavs in terms of how their staff are placed, how they function, how they operate on a daily basis and how they communicate.

“I think particularly working with the Cavs, such a high profile team, just drawing on some of those experiences with athletes at that level and how they prepare themselves and how they get themselves in that mindset and physical state to be the best is a big piece I’ll take out of that and I can impart on the players and coaches at North Melbourne.”

Listen to Alex Moore’s chat with Brett Phillips on SEN Mornings in the player below:

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