Could Adelaide be the team to watch in the trade period?

SEN - Sat, 7th Jul 2018 - 0 Comments

Thanks to an active 2017 AFL Trade Period, the Crows are in a position right now to make a big move at the end of this season.

With South Australians Jack Lukosius and Izak Rankine seemingly set to go in the top five of the upcoming draft, former North Melbourne defender David King believes Adelaide is in a position to trade up and land one.

“When you look at the draft and the current order, let’s just say they’ve got picks eight, 13 and 19. They’ve got Carlton’s second round pick, they’ve got Melbourne’s first round pick and their own first round pick,” he told SEN’s Crunch Time.

“That’s great bargaining power and it’s great power to go to a Carlton or a Brisbane and say we want pick one, we’re going to offer you pick eight, 13 and a player.”


King threw up a couple of players that may already want out of the club they could use for leverage.

“They’ve got some discontent there, there’s some players that by all reports want out, but they do have the tools to get pick one,” he said.

“There’s doubts about maybe even a Brad Crouch. Mitch McGovern may be out too.”

Despite players reportedly wanting out, King strongly believes free agent Rory Sloane is staying put.

“Sloane will stay. I’m super confident Sloane’s going nowhere,” he said.

“I think he’ll stay for less because they’ve invested so much in him across the journey. He’s part of the fabric, I don’t think he’ll be leaving.”

Adelaide were comfortably swatted aside by 47 points last night when they came up against reigning premiers Richmond.