Carlton trading top pick for players would be disaster

SEN - Tue, 10th Jul 2018 - 0 Comments

AFL Hall of Fame inductee Terry Wallace says it would be an “ultimate disaster” if Carlton decided to trade their potential number one pick for fringe players from other clubs.

On Channel 7’s Talking Footy last night, North Melbourne great Wayne Carey questioned whether the draft system benefits struggling clubs, and suggested that the Blues should look to sacrifice the number one pick in order to secure mature players on the periphery such as Tom Bugg and Dom Tyson at Melbourne.

The former Western Bulldogs and Richmond coach disagreed with Carey’s idea and outlined three options the Blues could explore if they did decide to part ways with the first pick.

“A disaster, it would be an absolute ultimate disaster,” Wallace told SEN Afternoons.

“Go back and ask Fremantle how it went when they picked up Todd Ridley and Tony Delaney and gave away pick four and a compo pick, and Matthew Lloyd was the compo pick they gave away.

“Let’s say they have the number one, they’re are three options for them, and one of those three options isn’t Wayne (Carey’s) option. That’s not even in consideration.

“Option one: go to the draft and select the best player with pick one.

“Option two: trade for multiple picks inside the top ten. So you’re trying to double up your chances of hopefully getting a Joel Selwood at six and that’s where you’re going to get that sort of opportunity, or a Patrick Dangerfield at 10. Two for the price of one.

“Or the other is trade for a ready-made star, in other words a Dylan Shiel where you’re going and saying: ‘no, we want to bring that person straight into our club, he’s going to be there for seven to eight years and we know he’s a star now.’

“They’re the only three options that I sort of see that would be even on the table.

“Who was the last club to give up pick one? Fremantle Football Club and it was for Trent Croad and Luke McPharlin and who did Hawthorn get? Luke Hodge.

“Who was the last club to give away a number two pick? It was Melbourne Football Club. They picked up Christian Salem and Dom Tyson but gave away Josh Kelly.

“You would want to be very careful.”

Listen to Terry Wallace response to Wayne Carey’s comments on trading the number one pick on SEN Afternoons with Andy Maher in the player below