Watts admission of ‘floating’ through games astounds Frawley

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Former Richmond coach Danny Frawley was “staggered” to hear Port Adelaide’s Jack Watts admit he was “floating” through games before he got dropped earlier this season.

In an open and honest interview with Fox Footy after the Power’s victory over St Kilda last weekend, Watts gave an insight into his mindset.

“A couple of weeks before I got dropped, I wasn’t doing much to be honest,” he said.

“I was sort of floating around and not getting a kick.

“A bit of just backing yourself in, be aggressive at the contest, go at the ball.

“It sounds pretty simple and people at home probably think like, how can you not do that all the time.

“You can get caught up trying to do too much, playing your role and creating space.”

Frawley couldn’t believes Watts’ comments, explaining how that mentality has held him back from fulfilling his potential as the number one draft pick in 2008.

“I like Jack as a person and I like him as a footballer at his best,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“He said, ‘I was floating around a little bit’. I’m staggered that an AFL footballer can just float through a game of footy and it’s no wonder he got dropped.

“Then he comes back and says, ‘the simple things. I’m going to do the hardness, the tackles’. Again, I’m staggered why he has to think about this at this stage of his career.

“You can see why he just hasn’t stepped through the door of Mr. Consistent.

“That’s the issue with Jack.

“He packs a lot of tools in his kitbag, but the game for him is 98 percent above the shoulders. He needs to be more consistent.

“I just don’t like when he says he was floating around a few games. Kids around Australia would walk over broken glass to play an AFL game.”

Watts has played 12 games for Port this season, averaging 14 disposals per game, his lowest rate since 2010.

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