Andrew Gaff most likely to stay at the Eagles

SEN - Thu, 12th Jul 2018 - 1 Comment

SEN’s Western Australia correspondent Tim Gossage believes gun West Coast midfielder Andrew Gaff will stay and re-sign with the Eagles amid interest from Victorian clubs.

Gaff, originally from Melbourne, is averaging a career-high 30 disposals per game in 2018, and has been a huge part of West Coast’s success so far this season.

The Eagles star is set to become a restricted free agent at the end of this season and has attracted interest from clubs such as St Kilda and North Melbourne.

Gossage revealed that he doesn’t believe Gaff is going anywhere.

“Everyone keeps jumping out of trees telling me it’s St Kilda, it’s St Kilda, it’s St Kilda,” Gossage told *SEN Mornings*.

“My concern is that, yeah, he’ll get huge money, but I just get the feeling he’s not going to go anywhere.

“As much as I think he would like coin and we all do, I think his attitude would be, ‘(Eagles) are pretty close to a flag, St Kilda are not, do I really want to go over and spend four or five years being beat up?’

“And that’s what’s going to happen if he goes to a team that is struggling, and that’s hard for those struggling teams, to rebuild their stocks and go and get a gun.

“He’d be going for money, he’d be going to be back in Melbourne so there’s a lot of positives for that, but if he wants to go for success, I doubt he would go.”

Listen to Tim Gossage discuss the future of West Coast’s Andrew Gaff on SEN Mornings with Brett Phillips in the player below

Grant Ross

10 months ago

i totally agree ,why would u want to leave and go back to Victoria ,cold miserable place ,who is a better coach ?