Collingwood resurgence just like Richmond’s says Murphy

SEN - Thu, 12th Jul 2018 - 0 Comments

Western Bulldogs champion Bob Murphy sees similarities in Collingwood’s resurgence to that of Richmond’s last season.

The Tigers were written off by many before the start of last year, but after key changes to their football department and a reshuffle of their coaching staff, Damien Hardwick successfully guided the club to its first premiership in 37 years.

After a horror 2017, the Magpies went down the same path as Richmond and made some personnel changes to support coach Nathan Buckley, and the translation to sudden on-field success is starting to remind Murphy of the Tigers’ path to last year’s flag.

“I’ve got a really good hunch with Collingwood because I think the same thing happened with Richmond the year before,” he told SEN Afternoons.

“In the off-season they were derided, ridiculed and it’s all about when the coach was going to get the flick.

“They used that to protect that gang mentality of the team and the club of ‘it’s us against the rest of the world’.

“Two thirds of the way through the season, all of us and myself included, we’re all with Collingwood now and inside they’re like ‘don’t forget, they’re not with us. It’s us against them.’

“I think you watch them play and they’ve got that magic of ‘us against the world’, they’ve been able to harness it and protect it.”