Former AFL skipper says Tex Walker should hand over the captaincy

SEN - Thu, 12th Jul 2018 - 0 Comments

Former St Kilda captain Danny Frawley believes Taylor Walker should hand the Adelaide captaincy to Rory Sloane next year.

Sloane re-signed with the club for five years yesterday and Frawley said the time is right for the change to be made.

“I’ll be very, very surprised if Sloane’s not the next captain of Adelaide,” Frawley told SEN Breakfast.

“I think Walker’s knees are really troubling him a lot. He’s not the same player that we saw.

“I think it’s hard if you can’t perform the way you want to as a skipper.

“Your number one role as a captain is to perform on the field, forget off the field. You’re there to try and win games and I’m only looking at what I’m seeing, Tex isn’t the same player.

“If his form gets back to his best, no doubting he should be captain. I’m only looking at what I’ve seen.

“I can remember Tex standing on heads, but now it looks like his big toe is stuck to the ground.”

Frawley looks to his own career and doesn’t want Walker to make a similar misjudgement.

“I captained all the way to the end of my career at the Saints and probably shouldn’t have,” he said.

“I was really badly injured and it was never really mentioned, but looking back there’s no doubt I should’ve handed it over.”

Adelaide will take on Geelong tonight at Adelaide Oval and a loss could see them three games out of the eight at the end of the round.