Bolton reveals the most pleasing part of Blues 2018 season

SEN - Fri, 3rd Aug 2018 - 0 Comments

Carlton coach Brendon Bolton has explained what he feels is the most pleasing aspect of the Blues’ 2018 campaign.

“I think when you go into a club you got a plan and I think what I’ve been so pleased about is under adversity you get challenged and it makes you cross-reference and check how strong you are in all of your philosophies and the way in which you’re going about it as a club,” Bolton told SEN Breakfast.

“We haven’t deviated because we are steadfast in this plan. What it has done really, to be fair, it has reinforced that.

“It doesn’t mean we don’t check off that the way in which we are going is the right way but we have stuck to it and haven’t deviated. That’s what I’ve been so pleased about.

“I think we have got the most games into 18-21 year olds this year by a truckload to anyone in the competition, which we feel was a big part of our plan, and (it will) pay us back.”

Carlton has won just two games this season, sitting at the bottom of the ladder. However, the club has constantly reinforced it is on a rebuilding path and are confident in the youth policy they’re implementing.

The Blues battle GWS this Sunday, and you can listen to the game live on 1116 SEN from 12:00pm AEDT with Gerard Whateley, Peter Donegan, Danny Frawley and Adam Cooney.

Listen to Brendon Bolton’s chat with Garry Lyon and Tim Watson on SEN Breakfast in the player below