Blight breaks down what each team needs to do to make the eight

SEN - Thu, 9th Aug 2018 - 0 Comments

AFL Hall of Famer Malcolm Blight has gone through the final three rounds and worked out what each team needs to do to make finals.

Here’s his breakdown.

“Essendon losing means now they won’t (make it), they’ve got to win three. Essendon and Adelaide need to win three each," he told SEN's Whateley

“Richmond and the Eagles are fine.

“GWS and Melbourne still have to win a game each and Melbourne’s draw is not hunky dory.

“Between 5th and 10th, Hawthorn and Collingwood only need to win one, Port Adelaide needs to win one plus a bit of percentage, so do Sydney.

“Geelong and North Melbourne need to win two.

“The game of the season just may be Round 23 Sydney versus Hawthorn. One of those is going to miss.”

Fixture taking into account Blight’s predictions

Richmond (need 0 wins): Gold Coast (away), Essendon, Bulldogs

West Coast (need 0 wins): Port Adelaide (away), Melbourne, Brisbane (away)

GWS (need 1 win): Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne (away)

Melbourne (need 1 win): Sydney, West Coast (away), GWS

Hawthorn (need 1 win): Geelong, St Kilda, Sydney (away)

Collingwood (need 1 win): Brisbane, Port Adelaide, Fremantle (away)

Port Adelaide (need 1 win + some percentage): West Coast, Collingwood (away), Essendon

Sydney (need 1 win + some percentage): Melbourne (away), GWS (away), Hawthorn
Geelong (need 2 wins): Hawthorn, Fremantle, Gold Coast

North Melbourne (need 2 wins): Bulldogs, Adelaide (away), St Kilda

Essendon (need 3 wins): St Kilda, Richmond, Port Adelaide (away)

Adelaide (need 3 wins): GWS (away), North Melbourne, Carlton (away)