Jarrad Waite reveals whether he wants to play again next season

SEN - Thu, 9th Aug 2018 - 0 Comments

Veteran forward Jarrad Waite has revealed he’s leaning towards playing on next season, but is yet to have the conversation with the club.

Waite’s played 10 games this year with a calf injury holding him back, but has still kicked the 24 goals.

“For me it’s about these next (three) games. I obviously got through the game on the weekend and then basically just a decision has to be made I think,” Waite told SEN Breakfast.

“I obviously know 13 games, it’s not enough (for a season), so I’d potentially like to play on next year, but I know that I’m getting older and so it’s a decision we sort of have to make.

“I will definitely have a think about it in the next couple of weeks, but then again I don’t know where the club’s heads are at with me so it’s probably a conversation that has to happen.

“To be completely honest, I haven’t thought about it a whole lot, when I was out with my calf I was hellbent on getting back and I just want to play finals, that’s a massive goal for our club.”

Waite is set to line up for the Roos this weekend against the Bulldogs in what is a must-win game if they want to be a part of September action.