King’s massive North Melbourne & St Kilda trade proposal

SEN - Sat, 11th Aug 2018 - 0 Comments

AFL Hall of Famer Terry Wallace has proposed an interesting trade idea that would allow St Kilda to bring in potentially another top 10 draft pick.

Jack Billings is one of the few players on St Kilda’s list with trade value and Wallace suggested moving him on could be mutually beneficial.

“What about Jack Billings, where does he sit with them because my take on Jack Billings is that I think at the moment St Kilda fans are a little frustrated with his output, where I still think at a different club right at this minute, he could be an outstanding player,” Wallace told SEN’s Crunch Time.

“Would the Saints be prepared to bite off a Billings to get back in a high-end draft pick?”


David King immediately thought of the perfect club for the former first round selection.

“Let’s say the Kangaroos have got pick 10. They’ll want to move that pick on because their first pick will be taken up with Tarryn Thomas, the Tasmanian academy boy,” King said.

“They’ll want to use later picks for points. Would you take pick 10 if you were St Kilda for Jack Billings?

“See, I think he’s the next Shaun Higgins. I do. I think he just needs second club opportunity, he can get himself super fit, he can actually perform under a different structure, maybe a new coach, a fresh set of eyes, he’s the next Higgins for me.”

SEN Chief Broadcaster Gerard Whateley said he would absolutely make the trade from a St Kilda perspective.

“I would because Billings is not going to be the player they thought he would be, a long-term A-grader at St Kilda and in this draft you’ve got a reasonably good chance of getting a long-term A-grader with pick 10,” he said.

With North Melbourne on the verge of finals, adding a skilful player like Billings could help take them to the next level, though they may be paying overs for his services with pick 10.