Carlton and Gold Coast set to be given priority access to state level talent: McClure

AFL Nation - Wed, 22nd Aug 2018 - 0 Comments

SEN Time On host Sam McClure has revealed that Carlton and Gold Coast look set to be given priority access to two state players each at this year’s draft.

On top of that, both clubs will also receive an extra pick that could potentially carry the condition that they have to trade it to another club.

With the AFL working hard to grant this proposal, McClure says the Blues and the Suns are now both unlikely to be given an early first round priority pick.


“The priority pick as we know it, in the AFL, is dying. In fact it’s nearly dead,” McClure told SEN’s Time On.

“In anticipation of Carlton, Gold Coast and potentially St Kilda applying for a priority pick, I can tell you tonight it is looking increasingly unlikely that a start of the first round pick will be handed out to struggling clubs – i.e., a pick in the top five.

“But instead, the AFL is furiously working on a multi-prong proposal whereby special assistance will be granted with more than simply a priority pick.

“As we sit here tonight, the AFL, in my eyes, looks set to hand Carlton and Gold Coast a deal that would see them have priority access to two state league players each at the end of this year and on top of that, an extra pick that may carry the condition of that club having to trade it.

“These conversations are being had inside AFL House at the moment and the momentum builds for the AFL to come to the rescue of the white flags waving at Carlton and the Gold Coast Suns.”