What does Neale potential departure say for Lyon?

AFL Nation - Thu, 30th Aug 2018 - 0 Comments

Australian Football Hall of Famer Terry Wallace has wondered if Ross Lyon’s off-field issues earlier in the year are catching up to Fremantle.

Earlier in the year, a former Dockers staff member alleged Lyon harassed her at a club function years ago, while the Herald Sun reported the Dockers had referred a second complaint about Lyon to the AFL’s integrity unit.

SEN Time On host Sam McClure broke the news this morning star midfielder Lachie Neale is open to exploring the option of being traded to Brisbane.


“Has the impact of Ross Lyon’s off-field issues, where the club had to payout money to sort it out, does that have any impact on a playing group?” Wallace told SEN Afternoons.

“When it happened, I sort of said straight away, just watch this space a little bit because it’s an interesting dynamic.

“You’re the leader of the football club and as soon as there’s some innuendo about something, you’re setting the example, you’re setting the standards of behaviour around the football club.

“As soon as there’s some chink in that, players well look for that.

“It’s just a really difficult one to know how that fits.

“If you’re setting the standards and say you didn’t live up to certain standards and we are going to fine you or leave you out for a game, don’t you have a right as a player to go, hang on a minute…is this balanced out for everyone?

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“Your thing went away because the club stacked up money to make it go away.

“Not knowing the circumstances, not knowing the people involved, not knowing the leadership group there, not knowing any discussions of what’s been held…but I don’t think it helps the situation.”

Wallace also thinks Neale’s potential departure leaves Freo in a state of confusion.

“It’s going to be a very very mixed message that you’re bringing in young players, you let Lachie Weller go last year to get an extra pick, an extra kid coming into your football club,” he said.

“Then at the same time, you realign and sign Hayden Ballantyne, Harley Bennell and Aaron Sandilands, but then you’re going to let one of the other ones (Neale) go back to another kid.

“It’s sort of, a little bit to me, all over the shop.

“It’s an unusual one.

“What does it say about where Fremantle’s at as a club and as a team that you’ve got a 24-year-old that’s prepared to go there?

“He is not going home and he is selecting Brisbane over Fremantle.”

Neale is a restricted free agent at the end of next year.