Bulldogs CEO updates Liberatore, Wallis & Roughead situations

AFL Nation - Wed, 5th Sep 2018 - 0 Comments

Western Bulldogs CEO Ameet Bains has given an update on a trio of free agents.

With Luke Dahlhaus already declaring he’s out the door, the attention now turns to Jordan Roughead, Tom Liberatore and Mitch Wallis who are also set to come out of contract.



Roughead has reportedly met with West Coast about a potential move to Perth but Bains insists the Dogs are doing everything they can to keep him at the Whitten Oval.

“I suppose it’s very similar to Luke’s (Dahlhaus’) situation. As a free agent, he’s entitled to explore his options,” Bains told SEN’s Whateley.

“We haven’t had any formal communication from Roughead that he has (met with West Coast) or is seeking to do that, but we’ll continue to have discussions with his management and see where that lands.

“It’s certainly a possibility (that he could leave), but we’re not sure at this stage.”

Liberatore is the only one of the three who is an unrestricted free agent and Bains said the club is working hard to keep both he and Wallis.

“With all of the free agents and that puts Wallis (and Liberatore) in the category as well, discussions continue to be held with their management and in the same way you asked about Roughy, we are intent on resolving each of those situations sooner rather than later,” he said.

“With free agency it’s not entirely in our control.”

Shane Biggs and Clay Smith have already announced their retirements, Jack Redpath may soon be doing the same while Dahlhaus is already out the door and Bains understands it could be a changing of the guard at the Dogs.

“It would be a (big turnover of players), on top of the guys who have already retired. We’ll continue to work through that and as we’ve said across the year, we are keen to keep these guys,” he said.

“We need to get the balance of what that looks like, but we would be helpful that of those guys mentioned, some will certainly be here next year.”