Watson: “There is enormous feeling in this game”

AFL Nation - Wed, 5th Sep 2018 - 0 Comments

Host of SEN Breakfast Tim Watson has gotten mail that the Giants are preparing to take the physicality to another level for Saturday’s Elimination Final against Sydney.

The Swans have won their last three encounters, including Round 22 at Spotless Stadium and GWS has had enough.

“I spoke to a football insider yesterday, this person said to me wait until the Swans and GWS clash on Saturday,” Watson told SEN Breakfast.

“There is enormous feeling in this game because GWS haven’t been happy about the last couple of times they’ve played the Swans and the way the Swans have manhandled them.

“Expect a massive clash. A physical clash.”

The Swans will regain Lance Franklin and Luke Parker for the clash, while GWS has confirmed Zac Williams will play.