Could Jack Steven be driving the Geelong trade talk?

SEN - Wed, 12th Sep 2018 - 0 Comments

Both Alan Richardson and Chris Scott have denied their club’s involvement in the reported inquiry regarding a possible Jack Steven trade.

Host of SEN’s Time On Sam McClure reported Geelong has asked about Steven, despite having two years to run on his current deal.

Garry Lyon believes it’s possible both coaches are right and that it could be Steven who instigated the discussions.

“Is it possible that both the coaches could be right in their statements about Jack Steven?” Lyon told SEN Breakfast.

“Chris Scott has said it’s inaccurate, we didn’t pursue him, and Alan Richardson’s said he’s not going anywhere, both those statements can be right.

“What could be sitting in the middle is Jack Steven could be driving this. Steven might be the one saying hey, manager, go and get to Geelong and find out whether we can do this deal.

“Then Chris Scott can say hey, we didn’t pursue him and Alan Richardson can say hey, we’re not trading him.

“Jack Steven may just have had enough of playing at St Kilda and being battered around as the number one target, he’s a Lorne boy, he leads a simple life, he may just want to live down there.

“I think it’s absolutely possible.

“He may want to let Patrick Dangerfield and Joel Selwood get tagged, he can run around and then he goes back and lives the simple life.

“He doesn’t want to be the captain, he doesn’t want to be the big leader at St Kilda – he may just want to go to Geelong and play footy and that’s it.”