Suns “starting again” if May leaves: Lyon

SEN - Fri, 14th Sep 2018 - 0 Comments

Garry Lyon thinks the Gold Coast Suns would basically be “starting again” if co-captain Steven May departs the club.

Reports surfaced last night May will request a trade to Victoria this offseason, which could mean both 2018 Suns co-captains won’t be at the club in 2019, after Tom Lynch already declared his intentions to leave.


“Where does it leave the Gold Coast Suns…they’re starting again,” Lyon told SEN Breakfast.

Former Essendon captain Tim Watson said the player exodus leaves the Suns in a “world of pain”.

Meanwhile, Daisy Pearce has been caught off guard by May’s potential departure.

While not begrudging him for his decision, as he is entitled to go, Pearce has explained how she thought May would stay.

“If he says he is going, I think now, they’re better off just facilitating it,” Pearce said.

“It’s a shame, isn’t it. I know that in modern footy this is just the way of the world and that loyalty isn’t there.

“This one, for some reason, really disappointed me.

“I had always just thought Steven May was that loyal type that Gold Coast could have built their club around.

“That was just always the impression that I had. It has kind of blindsided me that he is going to go.”

Listen to Daisy Pearce’s chat with Garry Lyon and Tim Watson on SEN Breakfast in the player below