Martin will definitely play on Friday says Tigers footy boss

SEN - Mon, 17th Sep 2018 - 0 Comments

Richmond footy boss Neil Balme has rubbished reports star Dustin Martin is dealing with a “significant” knee issue, confirming he will play in Friday’s Preliminary Final against Collingwood.

David King told SEN’s Whateley today he had heard Martin is suffering a “significant knee issue”, but Balme has poured cold water on the report.

“I reckon I could nearly put my house on the fact that he will play on Friday,” Balme told SEN’s KB and The Doc.

“Of course he will…how many times do we have to say it? He has only missed four games in seven years. He will play on Friday.

“He did exactly what we needed him to do today, as he did Friday, and he will Wednesday and he will on Thursday.

“The only way he won’t play is if someone kidnaps him and doesn’t let him go to the game.”