How Carlton can turn state-league star into McGovern

Nic Negrepontis - Wed, 26th Sep 2018 - 0 Comments

Australian Football Hall of Famer Terry Wallace believes Carlton will use their pre-draft access to two state-level players as part of a package to get Mitch McGovern from Adelaide.

The AFL rejected Carlton and Gold Coast’s bids for priority picks, instead granting them the power to list two state-level players without giving up a draft pick. They can also on-trade those players to rival clubs.

Many Blues fans were hoping the club would be granted a priority pick to deal for McGovern, but Wallace still feels they can get it done.

“I think Carlton will trade both of their (state level players) out,” Wallace told NAB AFL Trade Radio.

“Let’s just try and broaden things, Shane McAdam is a player that’s playing over in South Australia.

“He’s a player I think would be good for the Crows list if you think about Eddie Betts getting to an age, they lost Charlie Cameron, he is that will-of-the-wisp type of player.

“Maybe the access to him automatically, plus a second round pick from Carlton might be able to get the mechanism to get the McGovern deal done. That’s the way that I sort of see Carlton playing it.”

The Blues hold picks 24 and 25 in the draft thanks to trades with Adelaide and the Bulldogs last year and could pair one of those with McAdam to land McGovern.

Wallace feels that kind of deal is pretty close to what the 23-year-old is worth.

“I think that’s around the mark. I know the Crows fans believe that because he’s got a two-year contract that his ranking should be higher than that, I don’t necessarily see it that way,” he said.

“He hasn’t been a best and fairest vote getter at any stage so I think there’s upside in him but the consistency value hasn’t been there so far.”

Co-host Damian Barrett agrees.

“In a pure draft number system (he’s worth a) back-end first round, early second round. If they then throw in a player from the local South Australian league into that mix, that’s a right deal for me,” Barrett said.

McAdam is one of only two mature age prospects who has been invited to the AFL Draft Combine.

He is the second cousin of Carlton’s Sam Petrevski-Seton and hails originally from Western Australia.

Listen to the full podcast with Terry Wallace and Damian Barrett below.