Dogs and Cats not impressed with Liberatore, Dahlhaus’ holiday

SEN - Thu, 4th Oct 2018 - 0 Comments

The Western Bulldogs and Geelong weren’t too impressed with a holiday taken by Tom Liberatore and Luke Dahlhaus this offseason.

The pair was infamously seen in a video posted on Dahlhaus’ Instagram page, where he questioned claims of motivation by former Bulldogs captain Bob Murphy. The video contained swearing.

Dahlhaus is likely to join the Cats this offseason, while the Herald Sun is reporting Liberatore was given an ultimatum when he returned to Australia, where he has two weeks to prove he deserves a new deal.


“I understand that to be Libba,” the Herald Sun’s Sam Edmund told SEN Breakfast, when asked about the whisper in this morning’s paper.

“I think what’s accurate to say is the club weren’t exactly thrilled with the nature of the holiday.”

Garry Lyon solidified that point, saying it wasn’t only the Bulldogs who weren’t happy with the trip.

“That’s underplaying it (saying the Dogs weren’t thrilled with the holiday’s nature), and neither were Geelong, the football club is supposedly the home of Luke Dahlhaus,” Lyon said.

“How could you be happy with that video getting posted?

“I don’t think it’ll be an obstruction (to the deal being done) but I don’t think they were too impressed with it.”