Why North Melbourne shouldn’t feel “aggrieved” over free agent snubs

SEN - Mon, 8th Oct 2018 - 0 Comments

Garry Lyon has explained why North Melbourne shouldn’t be feeling aggrieved, after Andrew Gaff turned down their mega offer.

Gaff re-committed to West Coast yesterday, joining the likes of Jordan De Goey, Dustin Martin and Isaac Heeney as players who have denied big offers from the Kangaroos.

However, Lyon has endorsed North’s chase for superstar talent, saying it is having an influence on the open market.

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“You shouldn’t feel aggrieved nor should their supporters,” Lyon told SEN Breakfast.

“They should be happy that they’re in there swinging. There is flow on effect…there is ramifications.

“North Melbourne over the journey have forced Collingwood to up the ante for De Goey, they forced Sydney to up the ante for Issac Heeney, and may have lost Tom Mitchell in the process because they couldn’t pay Tom Mitchell.

“Some of the big moves they’ve made have forced the clubs involved to get heavily involved and sometimes to their detriment.”

It is expected the Roos will have another crack at Greater Western Sydney star Josh Kelly next season.