Salary cap could dismantle Giants

Ben Gibson - Wed, 10th Oct 2018 - 0 Comments

Essendon premiership player Matthew Lloyd says having esteemed players leave your club can have a devastating impact, as he raised his concern for the shape of GWS.

With Dylan Shiel and Rory Lobb set to be traded during the trade period, Lloyd worries the Giants may struggle to build a strong culture at the club.

“You just don’t want to let players like Shiel walk out of your club,” Lloyd said on NAB AFL Trade Radio.

“Everyone has fallen over themselves to get Dylan Shiel, yet they’ve just had to let him go.”

Due to the unattractive location of Greater Western Sydney, the Giants have to pay large sums to maintain players, which squeezes out other top-end talent on their list.

“You don’t want to let Lobb and Shiel walk out of your club unless you have to, and they have had to,” Lloyd said.

“When you’re at GWS you have to pay players overs to be there.

“You hear reports of Jeremy Cameron being on over $1 million.

“He shouldn’t be paid over $1 million, but that’s what they’ve had to do, and as a result they’re losing players like Shiel and Lobb.”

Lloyd has experienced players being forced away due to salary cap issues and says it had a significant effect on him and his teammates.

“We had a period in one season where we were $1 million over the salary cap at Essendon,” he said.

“So they said three players have to go at Essendon, worth around the $350 [thousand] mark.

“So it went (Justin) Blumfield, (Chris) Heffernan and (Blake) Caracella.

“And it just tore the core out of our team.”

The salary problems at the Bombers caused profound issues and Lloyd fears the same problems could take place at GWS.

“Players were upset, disappointed, angry,” Lloyd said.

“We lost our depth and suddenly our bottom end fell away.

“We lost four great people, great players, because of salary cap.”