Beams has not yet requested a trade from Lions says Fagan

SEN - Thu, 11th Oct 2018 - 0 Comments

Brisbane coach Chris Fagan has opened up on reports suggesting Dayne Beams wants to go to Collingwood.

NAB AFL Trade Radio reported this morning Beams wants to go back to the Magpies this trade period for personal reasons. However, the 28-year-old has yet to officially inform the Lions of his plans.


“He has not requested a trade,” Fagan told SEN Afternoons.

“There’s been nothing come through to our club. We’ll be surprised.

“When I got up this morning it was news to me.

“I had a conversation with Dayne post-season during our normal exit interviews with our players, he was bright and bubbly about the future of our footy club and looking forward to continuing with us.

“I’ve seen Dayne several times since, the most recent at the weekend in Horsham, spent time with him.

“He has not mentioned that to me. That news is a complete surprise.

“As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing to discuss.

“They (Brisbane’s list management team) haven’t rang me to say there’s anything to the contrary to the situation as we understand it.”

Fagan added he hasn’t called Beams today, hoping their relationship is strong enough that the midfielder wouldn’t hide the news.

“I don’t want to insult him because I’m pretty sure we have a relationship that if he was feeling that way, that he would come chat to me about him,” Fagan said.

“I’m inclined to think I would have heard from him by now.”

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Beams stepped down from the captaincy this season due to mental health reasons, after his father passed away.

“Our club really put our arms around the Beams brothers this year and looked after them through a pretty tough time and they did a terrific job as well, both Claye and Dayne,” Fagan said.

“I’m puzzled by it (reports Beams wants to be traded).

“I have had no discussion with anyone at our club about it. It’s news to me.”

Fagan didn’t comment on what price tag they would place on Beams’ head if he does request a deal.

In response to a question about if Claye Beams being delisted had any impact on Dayne, Fagan confirmed Dayne knew his brother would be let go when he made his passionate speech at the best-and-fairest, where he pledged his allegiance to the Lions.