Lloyd’s list: Top 10 father-son selections

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Essendon great Matthew Lloyd has listed his Top 10 father-son selections.

There have been many great family pairs in the history of VFL/AFL and Lloyd has put together his most elite dad and child combos on NAB AFL Trade Radio.

10. Josh Kennedy (Sydney and Hawthorn) / John Kennedy Jnr. (Hawthorn)
9. Jobe Watson (Essendon) / Tim Watson (Essendon)
8. Ashley McIntosh (West Coast Eagles) / John McIntosh (Claremont (WAFL) and St Kilda)
7. Jonathan Brown (Brisbane) / Brian Brown (Fitzroy and Essendon)
6. Ben Cousins (West Coast and Richmond) / Brian Cousins (Perth (WAFL) and Geelong)
5. Matthew Richardson (Richmond) / Alan “Bull” Richardson (Richmond and South Melbourne)
4. Dustin Fletcher (Essendon) / Ken Fletcher (Essendon)
3. Matthew Scarlett (Geelong) / John Scarlett (Geelong and South Melbourne)
2. Stephen Silvagni (Carlton) / Sergio Silvagni (Carlton)
1. Gary Ablett Jnr (Geelong and Gold Coast) / Gary Ablett Snr (Hawthorn and Geelong)

Listen to Lloyd’s List below:

Dave Trice

7 months ago

I’d move the Watsons up to #3, otherwise pretty much right


7 months ago

three other great father/son players that I can think of were Peter Hudson and Paul Hudson, Tony Liberatore and Tom Liberatore and also Jack Hawkins and Tom Hawkins