Lyon applauds Buckley for taking time away from football

SEN - Thu, 11th Oct 2018 - 0 Comments

Former Melbourne star Garry Lyon has applauded Nathan Buckley, after it was revealed the Collingwood coach would take a three month holiday and return in January to resume preseason preparations.

Collingwood President Eddie McGuire said Buckley would spend three months on a family holiday in Italy to return in January, but will also come back throughout the trip to attend certain commitments.

Lyon, speaking on SEN Breakfast, believes the time away from the game after Grand Final disappointment will ‘freshen’ the team up, and is a reward for the efforts over the last 12 months.

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“I think that is absolutely magnificent,” said Lyon.

“I don’t know who thought of that, whether it was Collingwood or Bucks (Nathan Buckley) said he needs to get away, whatever the reason is, it’s just magnificent.

“It freshens him up and it freshens the players up.

“What he’s done between now and January is not so much game specific, it’s about physiological gains.

“You don’t need Nathan Buckley over your shoulder looking at you doing your weights or running laps.”

Both Tim Watson and Lyon made the point that the decision to take a three month holiday is a result of a successful 2018 campaign by the Pies, one that wouldn’t have been made if he was in the position of other coaches on the bottom half of the ladder.

“Couldn’t imagine Brendon Bolton doing it, he’s under some pressure,” said Lyon.

“I can’t imagine Carlton sending him off, I can’t imagine Richo (Alan Richardson) from St Kilda going off.

“Because maybe the job isn’t done yet, not that Collingwood’s job is done but they good themselves into a Grand Final so you can see reward for effort.

“Do you think he would have been taking off if they had another year where they finished outside finals?

“No, of course not.”

Listen to the best bits of this morning’s SEN Breakfast with Garry Lyon and Tim Watson in the player below