Did Fremantle miss a trick not including pick six in Hogan deal?

SEN - Fri, 12th Oct 2018 - 1 Comment

Channel Ten AFL reporter Lachy Reid has revealed that Melbourne would have accepted pick six and a future second round pick in a deal to send Jesse Hogan to Fremantle.

The Dockers traded their first round selection – pick six – to Port Adelaide and a future third round pick in exchange for picks 11, 23, 30 and 49.


“What I’m told is that pick six and a future second rounder would have got the job done (for Jesse Hogan) before they gave it away to Port Adelaide,” Reid told NAB AFL Trade Radio.

“I am told that Melbourne would have taken that deal.”

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NAB AFL Trade Radio’s Sam McClure believes there could be another twist in the Hogan saga before the trade period closes next Wednesday night.

“This is embarrassing for the Fremantle Football Club this situation,” McClure said.

“I don’t think this is over, I’m not convinced that the Jesse Hogan scenario is over, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of it.

“I feel really sorry for Jesse Hogan in all of this.

“This is a kid who has played four seasons at the top level, he’s been courted by Fremantle almost since he was drafted, the one time that he is available, ready and Melbourne are ready to trade, Fremantle don’t come to the party, after parading him like he was already their player.

“As I said, I don’t think this is over, but I think this is a really poor moment for that football club.”


7 months ago

Freo had (2) picks entering draft. #6 and #77?. In a strong draft class the priority is to strengthen picks. By offloading #6 FFC accomplished this. All along FFC have said we want to keep our contracted player Neale. We went hard after Hogan two years ago and he turned his back. Now, perhaps with a long-term inj in tow, we are supposed to give up the world to make it happen because he is homesick? Lets be clear, at no point has Hogan said I want to go home and play for Freo. Neither has Neale said I want to be traded to Brisbane. These are all ‘accommodation moves’. IF Brisbane wants Neale THEY will need to come to FFC with a very good deal. IF Melbourne wants May and cannot do so without shifting Hogan, THEY will need to come to FFC with a proposal. In the end Neale is contracted, Hogan is contracted. In one more year both move to respective clubs and ‘compensation’ is handed out. Again, the priority in this draft is picks.
Wouldnt mind if FFC do end up getting #5 in from Brisbane – offloading that to ADEL who want to pip Port to SA boys. #5 to ADEL for #8 + #16 + others 🙂